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I read something yesterday that made me laugh. A lot.

It was a relationship article written by a man giving women five pieces of advice about how to communicate more effectively with men.

His spot-on comments made me think of Captain Cavedweller and also of a movie I remember watching long ago on the Saturday afternoon reruns with my sister. It featured Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.

if a man answers

Made in 1962, the movie was called “If a Man Answers.”

It told the story of a new bride and how she struggled to make things work with her husband until her mother gave her a book that would fix everything. The wife was appalled when she realized it was a dog training book, but desperate, she began using it on her husband anyway.

This would be a great movie to watch with girlfriends. Make some fun beverages and have some close friends over for a relaxed dinner and movie!

The movie is super funny with a cute ending. And if you need some tips on how to train your husband…

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