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Last week, Captain Cavedweller and I had a few days off and he took me to the big city where there were multiple malls, yummy places to eat and fun things to see and do. It was wonderful.

On the morning we were getting ready to come home, we skipped the hotel breakfast and went to a restaurant around the corner. Walking in the door, I was quite excited by a sign that said they had pumpkin pancakes.

For a girl who loves pumpkin, this was a great way to start off my day.

We placed our orders and sat chatting, waiting for the food to come. Our waitress was friendly and polite, checking on us often to make sure we were fine as we waited.

Then she came bearing a plate full of delicious smelling pancakes with a beautiful ball of whipped butter on top.

Although the next thirty seconds happened too quickly for me to recall the details, Captain Cavedweller seems to be able to recall them with startling clarity. It went something like this:

• The waitress started to set down the plate of pancakes in front of me.

• The butter became airborne. Literally. According to CC – it actually launched off the plate and flew through the air.

• Eyes as wide as saucers, I grasped for the butter, catching the whipped ball in my hand. But not before it had slid down my silk shirt and front of my jacket.

The poor waitress looked mortified as I held the butter in my hand. Let me tell you, there are not enough napkins in the world to make a mess that monumental all disappear. She ran to the kitchen and returned with a wet towel. Afraid to smear in the butter, I carefully blotted what I could, told her not to worry about it and enjoyed some really tasty pumpkin  pancakes with cinnamon whipped cream.

The entire time we were eating, CC had to keep swallowing down his chuckles. When we walked outside, he couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing. “Did you see the butter fly? Man, that was something!”


Because I was now walking across the hotel parking lot drenched in butter and somewhat annoyed. It wasn’t the waitresses fault, but I didn’t think CC needed to find the whole thing quite so amusing.

Returning to the room, I dug to the bottom of my suitcase to find two Shout wipes and gently wiped off the excess butter. Rolling up my shirt and jacket, I put them in our dirty clothes bag, hoping a miracle would occur and the stains would be gone when we got home.

Lucky for me, we had gone shopping the previous day and I had some new clothes to wear.

When we got home, the butter stains were worse, instead of better. So I whipped out my bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid and liberally applied it to the butter-stained areas. I rubbed it in gently, rolled the clothes back up and let them sit overnight. I washed them in warm water and voila – the stains are gone!

So the moral of this story is always make sure you’ve gone shopping and have new clothes to wear before you eat breakfast – just in case there is any flying butter.

She Who Has an All New Meaning for Drenched in Butter

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It all started with this bath mat.

This beautiful, wonderful, blasted bath mat that Captain Cavedweller gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago.

The yurt where we stayed on vacation had the best bath mats in the world in the bathroom. Luxurious, soft, perfectly marvelous bath mats that made me stand on them for no reason except to enjoy the experience. I wanted one. Quite ferociously.

I don’t know where or how he found one, but Captain Cavedweller did and bought it for me for my birthday along with a set of dreamy towels to match the bath mat.

The only hitch in this whole get-along was that the bath mat and towels did not match the walls of my bathroom. Sure, it was all green but sage green and mint green are not the best of friends and truly do not play well together.

So last weekend, I decided to paint my bathroom to match my new rug. After all, it should only take an hour or two. Right?

Ha. Ha. Hee. Har-dee-har. Ho.


It took all weekend. All blooming weekend.

The painting itself took about two hours (forgot about painting the ceiling in the sparkly world in my head where I was planning all this), but it was the scrubbing and cleaning and polishing and shining and more scrubbing that took forever. I mean, seriously, you can’t slap new paint on the walls and not clean every square inch of everything else in the room. Can you?

It would just be so wrong. Way faster, a lot simpler and much less stress – but still wrong.

The thought that I could have possibly returned the rug and towels for a color that would have gone with my mint green walls never even entered my mind until I was completely done with my makeover project. Wouldn’t that have been an easy fix to the problem. Except I really liked the color of the rug and towel. According to the many color surveys I have willingly participated in over the years, my “home” color is green. That would explain why all but two rooms in my house sport some shade of green in the decor, paint or window treatments.

So not having green wasn’t even an option. And despite all the work involved, I am loving the end results.

Here are some before and after photos of the bathroom…

Mint Green - before



Ahhh - beautiful spa-green walls.

She Who is Really Liking the New Color

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