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Captain Cavedweller

My Hubby

The One who …

Makes me laugh

Keeps me grounded

Encourages my dreams

Likes me when I’m being ornery

Loves me unconditionally

Melts my heart almost daily


Especially when his Mom shares photos like this one. Nice haircut!

He is celebrating his birthday today. Birthdays, after all, are very special days. Ask my Aunt Robbie. She’ll tell you it is the one day out of the whole year that is yours. When everyone gets to celebrate you. So today, we are celebrating Captain Cavedweller.

You know, when you are young and goofy in love and just starting out in married life, you really have no idea the kind of person your chosen mate will be 10 or 15 years down the road. You hope for the best and live life one day at a time. Then you wake up one day and realize you are married to a pretty special person.

The kind of person who stands and listens patiently to little old ladies He’s never met before chatter on about their cats, cooking, or craft projects because they are lonesome and just want someone to talk to. The kind of person who stops to help a stranger change a flat tire even when He is bone-tired and rain-soaked. The kind of person who is a kid-magnet because He gets down on their level, doesn’t talk to them like babies and joins in their fun. The kind of person who can make just about anyone laugh but also knows when a strong shoulder to cry on is what is needed most. Or the kind of person who knows when you need a nudge to hurry along or a warm hand to hold while He brings your frenzied run down to a walk.

You don’t think about all those things when you are starting out marriage, but you think of them as the years go by and you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for loving and being loved by such a special person. I  am so very blessed and grateful for my hubby. My Captain Cavedweller. He.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Babe! Love ya!

Your Girl

P.S. Hubby’s favorite cake on the planet is homemade carrot cake. We’ll be enjoying a slice tonight. Give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!

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He’s Got Panache

Word of the Week: panache




a grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair:

The other day, Hubby and I were having our typical end of the day chat about work, family and life in general when, during the course of conversation, he threw in the word “panache.”

I was so surprised, I think my jaw must have dropped and I was rendered utterly speechless. (Believe me, that doesn’t happen often!). In the 17 plus years I’ve known him, I have never once heard Hubby use the word “panache” let alone use it in such a way that it was not only properly used but also with a great deal of humor.

That Hubby of mine never fails to surprise me. Maybe it’s just part of his unique panache.

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