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In the past few weeks, I’ve posted a Thanksgiving Countdown, Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas, a variety of suggestions for using up Pumpkin, and Handy Hotlines in case your turkey bursts into flames or some such tragedy (just kidding, people! I’ve been up since 4 a.m. you have to cut me some slack today. Please!).

So today’s post isn’t about being a hostess. Today’s post is for anyone who will be attending Thanksgiving (or any celebration this holiday season) at someone else’s home.

Having been a hostess more times than I can count, I for one am here to tell you anytime someone brings me a hostess gift, it nearly melts me in a puddle. It means so much to know that person appreciated the invitation into our home and wanted to bring a token of that appreciation to share with us.

A lot of people avoid giving hostess gifts because they don’t have any idea what to give. Here are a few “safe” bets that are sure to be welcomed by most any hostess.

Monogrammed Napkins

Most  hostesses would be thrilled to receive monogrammed napkins. Did you know monograms are widely popular right now? I found some really cute napkins at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago and gave as hostess gifts. The three hostesses all seemed to enjoy them immensely!

Good Chocolate

Make sure the hostess has the opportunity to hide the candy away from the pack of ravenous wolves gathered in her home. You want her to be able to enjoy it all she wants! Really, you do. Trust me on this!

An Apron

A funny one for a host, or a pretty one for a hostess. I  seem to never have enough aprons when we host a big gathering. I found some cute ones at Kmart not too long ago.


Who couldn’t use a few extra coasters? If you know something your host is fond of or collects, see if you can find a few coasters that fit that theme. Otherwise, look for something unique and memorable. If you are feeling a bit crafty, you could make your own coasters using tile. You can find small tile squares at home-supply stores like Home Depot. Just add a bit of felt to the bottom to keep the tiles from scratching surfaces (if you have five minutes and a glue gun, you can do this!).

Tea or Dish Towels

What host or hostess wouldn’t appreciate a few new towels for their kitchen. These are some seasonally appropriate ones found at Macy’s.

Hand Soap

A bottle of nice, fragrant hand soap is a great gift. If you don’t know what scents the hostess likes, go for something simple. One of my favorites for gift-giving is Kitchen Spice from Bath and Body Works.

Recipe Journal

If your host or hostess likes to cook, a recipe journal would be a great gift and give them somewhere to tuck all those loose recipes floating around their kitchen. (Not that anyone has that problem.) You can find these at most any kitchen supply store and often at bookstores.

Bottle of Beverage

See, you thought I was going to say wine. If you aren’t sure if your host drinks wine, purchase a higher end bottle of sparkling cider. Believe you me, it tastes a whole lot different than Martinelli’s. If your host is a wine lover, then by all means, pick up a bottle and take.

Bottle Caddy

Go one step better and purchase a fun Wine Bottle Caddy and insert a bottle to give as a gift. These are super handy for carrying all sorts of bottles, but especially if they have wine and will travel.

Perfectly Pleasant Potted Plant

Say that fast five times. Seriously, though, a beautiful potted plant is always a lovely gift. Now would be a great time to gift your hostess with a poinsettia. Not only is it seasonally appropriate, but every time she sees it though the holidays, she’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

These are all easy to find gifts that can fit into most any budget. So when you knock on that door Thanksgiving Day, think about having a little something special to say thank you to your host. You’ll be so glad you did!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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