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Before 21 beforeA few weeks ago Julie Anne Jones and Krista Green teamed up to offer a fabulous free telecourse called “Organizing 101.” The class highlighted how to bring clarity from chaos in your office space.

Krista talked about how clutter is a stagnation of energy that prevents it from flowing and how our home office space should bring us positive energy.  I was so inspired by the call, I knew it was time to finally give my office the makeover it so desperately needed.after 3

Check out the before and after photos! I’m loving my “new” office space. It is peaceful and beautiful and a fun place for me to be.after 1

That got me thinking, so many people avoid entertaining because there is an area or room in their home that is a catch-all for clutter. Because of the chaos, they put off entertaining, waiting for the “perfect” time.

Here is the newsflash… there is no “perfect” time to entertain. So clean up the clutter, bring some new energy to your home and start inviting people over.  Remember that people are much more interested in spending time with you than noticing the things that are less than perfect in your home. If there is a certain area that is holding you back, fix it. Don’t squander the gift of time wishing your kitchen was painted, your living room redecorated or your office space decluttered. Declutter, paint, move some furniture around and start enjoying life!

If you want to get inspired to bring some clarity to your own space, Krista and Julie Anne are teaming up for a six-week “Chaos to Clarity” class that begins this Thursday, Sept. 17. For details, go to Julie Anne’s website here.

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