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If you would like to do some entertaining during the holiday season but aren’t sure where to begin, try choosing a theme for a party.

It truly simplifies the process for you and creates a higher level of excitement for your guests. Any time you can incorporate a theme it narrows your menu selections, gives you decorating ideas and color schemes and makes it so much more fun to entertain.

The only limitation to themed entertaining is your imagination. If you can dream it, it can happen!

Here are some fun ideas for holiday themed parties:

An Ornament Exchange – Invite everyone bring one gift-wrapped ornament. Specify a price range. As guests arrive put a number on each package and a corresponding number in a bowl or hat. After dessert, have everyone draw a number and open the corresponding gift.

After Sledding or Skating Party – You don’t have to be a child to enjoy an afternoon of sledding or skating with friends. When the fun is over, troop back inside to thaw out with a spread of light appetizers and sweets, served buffet style. Don’t forget to have plenty of warm beverages to sip!

Cookie or Candy Exchange – If you don’t have time to bake a dozen different types of treats, make one huge batch and invite your friends to do the same. Invite them over for an afternoon of swapping treats, making sure they bring enough for others attending the party to take home a dozen. Serve a few sweets, something salty and, of course, something to sip!

Card-Writing Party – Mix holiday business with pleasure by hosting an evening gathering with a few close friends to write Christmas cards. Tell your guests to bring their cards, envelopes, address books, pens and stamps. You’ll provide background music, space at a table and an outstanding dessert or two for motivation.  A quick tip … part of the excitement of receiving cards is the tidbit of newsy info inside. Suggests your guests write out a sample news paragraph to get them started that can be personalized for each card.

Trimming the Tree Party – You can completely change the look of your tree from Chrstimas’ past when you invite others to help you deck the halls.  Invite a few friends over and let creativity be their guide. Play your favorite Christmas music and offer some hearty soup, sandwiches and sweet treats as the reward for their efforts. If you really want your tree to shine, instead of wrapping strings of lights around the tree, string along individual branches, starting at the base and working your way out. Plan on a strand of 100 lights for every foot your tree is tall.

Whatever theme you decide to use, just remember the most important thing is enjoying the time you are spending with guests in your home!

Do you have a special holiday party theme you’ve used with success? Please share it here!

Happy Holidays and Happy Entertaining!

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