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Word of the Week: Vroom


1. the roaring sound made by a motor at high speed.
2. to cause to make such a sound.
He was an expert at making the car vroom.
Hubby’s dad recently purchased a new car. Not just any new car, but a Hemi-Orange Dodge Challenger.  I was a bit dubious about the car at first, not sure if I bought into all the hype around the Challenger. Could it really be as great as all the reports and ads claim it to be?
After one ride, Hubby and I both picked our jaws off the floorboards and turned green with envy!
Talk about acceleration, exhilaration. This car knows how to get up and go. And Hubby’s dad has a great time making it get up and go. He couldn’t have been any more proud if he had tried. And that is OK – because the car really is sweet.
It is probably a really good thing a car like that is not in our near (or even distant) future because I’m pretty sure one of us, who will remain nameless and blameless, would have a really hard time not getting a speeding ticket.
If you ever get the opportunity to take a spin in one, don’t blink an eye, jump right in and enjoy the ride!
Happy Monday from the Wanna-be Joyrider!

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