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baby kittyA few weeks ago, I posted about the neighbor’s kitten coming to visit and how hard it was to resist the sweet little ball of fur.

Since then, she’s taken up residence in our backyard along with some friends.

babykittyoct2Baby Kitty has grown quite a bit, but she still has those sweet little fuzzy ears.


This is Squirt. He is Baby Kitty’s big brother and the ring-leader of all feline shenanigans currently taking place in our backyard. He can eat at least twice his weight in cat food throughout the day, is always hungry, growls if anyone gets close while he’s eating and can’t decide if he’d rather bite you or have his back and tummy rubbed.

FlashThis is Flash. He’s the baby brother and quite probably the runt of the litter. When he first arrived on the scene he didn’t want anyone to see him, look at him, touch him or talk to him and that’s why we named him Flash. He’d take off like a little furry striped streak across the yard if he thought you might even think about getting close to him. He has since decided we have no intentions of eating him, beating him, or causing his demise. This little kitty loves to have his head and back rubbed and turns into a boneless mass of purring bliss whenever you rub him under the chin. Besides being such a sweet little guy, he has the most beautiful eyes.

apricotThis is Apricot. She’s big, she’s bossy and she rides herd over the kittens like nobody’s business. In addition to her freaky color eyes and fluffy salmon fur, she is the nanny and doesn’t want anyone messing with the kittens unless she gives  her approval. It’s a good thing they have her, too, since their mother is a standoffish, mean little cat who slaps them anytime they get close to her.

DrooleyThis is Drooley, aka The Heinous Cat. Of all the felines trooping through our back yard, he’s the only one who belongs there. And he knows it. He despises the kittens, their nanny, and any other interlopers who might interfere with his attention or dinner program. I’ve been calling him the Grumpy Old Man because all the kittens have to do is take a step his way and he starts hissing and spluttering.

It makes for some interesting moments, that’s for sure.

She Who is Overrun with the Neighbor’s Cats


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I posted a while back that a strange cat appeared on our back patio. Strange as in she didn’t belong to us and hadn’t seen her before. Although, giving it some thought, you could also call her strange as in weird, different, slightly odd. She’d have to be to deliberately choose to hang out at our house.


Drooley (aka) The Heinous Cat

Her presence sent the Heinous Cat into a full-fledged hissy fit. He didn’t like her one bit. Wasn’t going to tolerate her. He was king of the backyard and no one was messing with it.

Since then, she has adopted us full time. We named her Maizy. She purrs and blinks at me with her lovely little peepers. She rubs all over my kitchen window creating smeary messes that somehow make me smile. And she has the ability to open the patio screen door – which could be a huge problem once the weather finally warms up, but I’ll deal with that later.

For now, this dog-lover is finding that she kind of likes this particular sweet little cat. Maizy is everything the Heinous Cat isn’t – like friendly, loveable,  cute, loveable, eager to please, loveable… I think you get the idea.

She even managed to charm him – or as much as he can be charmed. I caught them playing together in the backyard the other day and had to do a double-take. I’m pretty sure Drooley had no idea anyone was home witness his frolicking with the enemy.

Seriously, how could you not be charmed by this face, especially with yellow highlighter on her nose (did I mention she has a little curiosity problem?).

She Who Digs this Cat

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The Heinous Cat - with both ears intact before his recent turn to the dark side as the Ferocious Feline.

Word of the Week: Ferocious



–adjective 1. savagely fierce, as a wild beast, person, action, or aspect;

The  Heinous Cat has been at it again. Although he is afraid of everything, and I mean everything, he has suddenly decided he is a ferocious feline to be reckoned with.

He came home not once but twice last week with battle wounds. I think they may have been inflicted during a frenzied retreat on his part, but Hubby is convinced Drooley has unleashed his wild inner-lion on some unsuspecting animal. I find it a bit hard to believe. Especially when this wild animal is the very same one that spent five minutes Saturday trying to decide if a coat hanger was friend or foe.

The worst part of his ferocious wild streak is trying to doctor him. His left ear, or what is left of the tip of it, as well as a wound by his right ear have required some medication. It takes both Hubby and I working together just to get a quick application on him. Drooley has threatened to unleash his inner lion on us both when we turn our backs. I have to remind him repeatedly where his breakfast and dinner comes from, so he sends me cold glares and growls at me and then plays nice with Hubby – the bringer of his food.

Why do you make me growl at you? I could bite you. You better watch your back, medicine woman.

I think both Drooley and I will be glad when his ear is healed and he no longer requires my attention. I’m hoping by then the Ferocious Feline will have gone back to just being the Heinous Cat.

The Reluctant Medicine Woman

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