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Do you have a man in your life who is hard to shop for?

Wow, look at all those hands raised out there! I’m not alone!

Captain Cavedweller, my beloved Hubby, He… is absolutely impossible to shop for. Seriously. Categories of gifts he refuses to accept include clothes, anything that remotely resembles a household item, or anything that has a useful purpose and might require future exertion on his part. He only likes to read sports and outdoors related books. His main hobby is tormenting me.

Do you see what a challenge this is?

So I recently began some in-depth research into the realm of what guys would really like for Christmas.

Several gift ideas had me chuckling out loud. I hate to tell the people who came up with these suggestions, but no guy – especially an extra picky outdoorsy kind of guy – is going to be excited about a set of matching pajamas for the entire family, a funky shower curtain or a diary to collect all the ticket stubs from their most special movie moments that they will treasure always and forever.

Are you kidding me?

So let’s look at some other options.

How about a ghillie suit? Not only will he blend into the landscape while hunting, you will never again have to purchase a Christmas tree. Just dress him up in this, let the kinds hang lights and ornaments on him and tell him he can practice standing still and quietly (just like in the woods while he waits for that trophy buck to wander by) from Christmas Eve right on through Christmas Day. Wouldn’t that be fun?

If your guy has had some bad hair days, or is heading into no-hair days, get him Flair Hair, complete with a visor. He’ll be out the door with what appears to be a small deceased rodent or shag carpeting on his head in record time!

Every guy needs a union suit. Right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to be zipped into a one-piece garment that goes from ankle to neck with a zipper heading both north and south. It’s not like the zipper would ever malfunction and you’d be trapped in said suit. Nah, that would never happen.

How about a pair of flaming steel-toed shoes. Because these would be just the thing to wear out to a construction site full of other men who would bring your guy to his knees in embarrassment within five minutes. Everyone needs a pair of flaming shoes don’t they?

Ok, enough with the silliness.

Here are some real gift ideas for those guys who are truly difficult to shop for and, like mine, tend to like the outdoorsy things best.

If your guy spends any time outside in wet weather, a boot dryer is a fabulous thing to have. You pop the boots on, plug it in and his boots will be dry and toasty in no-time. Hubby uses his daily when it is wet outside.

Hat lights might look dorky at first glance, but let me tell you – they are a handy thing to have. Especially when your guy is trying to work on something in the dark that requires both of his hands and he can’t find any willing help to come hold a light. (I’m going to have to talk to that Heinous Cat again about shirking his responsibilities!).

Designed from a military pack, these sling bags are a rugged outdoorsy version of a backpack. If your guy likes to hunt, hike or hang out in the great outdoors, these bags are a great choice.

If your guy likes to cook at all, this slow cooker is a great option. There is nothing girlie about it and maybe, just maybe, it will result in you arriving home to a wonderfully warm dinner that you had no involvement in preparing.

A lot of guys are really overgrown children. They love toys! Think about getting him something cool like the Nerf Blaster. But be warned! Any toys you buy that involve moving parts, particularly moving parts that can be aimed and shot, will most likely be aimed and shot at you at least a dozen times Christmas Day alone. Just saying…

When thinking of gifts for your guy, think about his hobbies, his likes, his interests and go from there. Choose something you know he would enjoy, not something you would like for him to enjoy and you can’t go wrong!

Happy Shopping!

The Desperate Guy Gift-Buyer

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