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Today’s word of the week is berserk.


{ber-surk, -zurk}

1. violently or destructively frenzied; wild; crazed; deranged:
My kitchen stove has gone berserk!
Yesterday, after cooking dinner and sitting down to enjoy the meal, Hubby mentioned he could hear something beeping. We started listening and looking around only to see our stove had turned itself back on and was flashing an error code on its little digital screen. Not good. So I turned it off again.
We finished eating dinner and went back in the kitchen which was suddenly really warm.  I walked past the stove and felt a blast of horrendously hot air coming from it. Opening the door, the heating elements were blazing hot and bright red. It was then I decided my stove had gone berserk –  it is out to get me, burn down our house and wreak havoc with our mostly peaceful existence.
So I made Hubby unplug it. Hopefully it doesn’t find a way to turn itself on with absolutely no power available to it.  Stupid, crazy oven.
For a while I may need to sign off as the
Toaster and Crockpot Cooker

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