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You’ve got company coming and no time for cleaning, you can’t find your super woman cape and the magic fairies are on strike. What to do? What to do?

Don’t panic! Just put a few quick cleaning tips into play and you’ll be ready to greet your guests at the door with a warm smile.

• Windows – If your windows are in need of a good cleaning (like mine are) just do the bottom half. The tops are generally hidden behind blinds are curtains. If your blinds are in a sad state, just turn them to the reverse side. While you’ve got out the glass cleaner, make a fast swipe over the bathroom mirror guests will be using. When you are done with the mirror, run it over the faucet and around the sink in the bathroom for a quick scrub and polish.

• Clutter – If the table or counters are overflowing with clutter, like unopened mail and the kid’s school papers, grab a basket, fill it up and stuff it in a closet for now. Just remember where you put it because misplacing the basket leads to not-happy situations down the road. Trust me on this one. I speak from experience.

• Dusting – Use a blow-dryer to speed dust books, shelves and figurines. Knock down cobwebs from the corners. Use the vacuum to suck up any lingering dust bunnies.  Put a slightly damp clean sock on each hand and swipe over table tops for a quick dust-free shine.

• Trash – Empty the guest bath and kitchen garbage cans. The last thing a guest wants to see – or smell – is your garbage. To make this even faster, keep a few garbage bags in the bottom of your cans. That way, when you pull one out, you don’t have to hunt down a replacement. It is handy and ready to go.

• Kitchen – Boil a mug of water in the microwave. While it is getting hot, swipe down the counters with cleaning spray, give the sink a quick scrub and wipe down the faucet. When the water is hot, take out the mug and wipe the inside of the microwave. The hot water steams all the sticky bits of cooked on gross food off and makes cleaning up a snap.

• Floors – Don’t have time to mop and vacuum? Use two damp towels under your feet to hit the highlights in the kitchen and bathroom and run the vacuum over high traffic areas. No one will be looking under furniture or in dark corners, so don’t worry about it.

• Smell – I’ve said it before and I will say it again (probably many times) but the smell that greets your guests at the door is so important. Light a few candles in a similar fragrance, put some cookies in the oven to bake or run around like a mad-woman spraying room freshener (not that anyone ever does that) but make sure your home smells welcoming and inviting.

See, that didn’t take long. Your home looks great and you are ready to greet your guests with genuine hospitality.

Happy Entertaining!

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