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Announcing fall has arrived!

There is no denying the fact fall is upon us.

Who’d want to anyway… that would be denying all that delicious apple and pumpkin goodness just waiting to be tasted as well as the spicy smell in the air, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and the glorious turning of the leaves.

If you really want to make your home feel like autumn inside, think about some wonderful fall scents.

Through candles or wall-plug-ins, you can create the most wonderful, inviting atmosphere inside your home that says “Ahh, autumn is here.”

Just think about walking into a home where the scents of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or spices fill the air. It makes you think about fall and hayrides and pumpkin pie and all sorts of wonderful, comforting experiences.

My favorite, favorite scent right now is Apple Pumpkin from Yankee Candle. A couple of friends came over recently and one of them was convinced I was baking some decadent treat. Nope. It was just the candle – but my gracious, it packs a lot of scent.

The main thing to remember as you fill your home with the scents of fall is to stick with one scent at a time.

If you’re burning a sweet pumpkin candle in the kitchen, don’t light a heavily spiced candle a few feet away in the family room. Before you know it, you’ve got warring scents and quite possibly a headache.

When possible, I try to buy the same scent in varying sizes (a few big jar candles for larger rooms and votives for smaller areas).

Have fun finding your signature fall scent and see if the warm smell doesn’t make you (and everyone else who comes through your door) smile.

She Who Is Off to Light Her Candle


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The wind is blowing, it is way chillier than I’d like it to be and tomorrow I will be wearing a ridiculous costume to work. That is a combination that has put me in a frame of mind to pilfer good ideas from someone else. I’m all tapped out today.

So I would like to direct your attention to the Better Homes and Gardens website.

You will find a bounty of great ideas here for everything from decorating ideas to recipes.

Some of the things that were speaking to me today include:

This cool, but very  simple fall arrangement. Beautiful!

This fabulous corn husk centerpiece. Love the rustic charm.

And this pumpkin with a glowing candle. What a fun way to utilize a pumpkin.

If you are looking for some great ideas, Better Homes and Gardens is sure to have something that will get your creative juices flowing.

Happy Entertaining!


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