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Years ago, when I was first getting to know my Most Wonderful Hubby’s mom, I heard her use the phrase “It speaks to me.” I’ve heard her say it many, many times since and let me tell you, if something doesn’t speak to her, she is not interested in it at all. On the flip side, if something should happen to speak to her, watch out, she is all over it! In the past, fly fishing, pontoon boating, snowmobiling, cross stitching, quilting and bicycling have all spoken to her.

So being a good daughter-in-law, I adopted the phrase as my own. There are many things that do not “speak to me” like laundry, housecleaning, ironing, being outside in freezing temperatures, cranky people, ironing,  bad food, howling wind, ironing, calendulas, screaming children, horrid smells, ironing, and heinous cats.

I do have some favorite things that seem to not only speak to me, but sometimes scream loudly.

Cute shoes speak to me. Sometimes they even call to me in my sleep.

I try to not neglect the calling.

Roses speak to me. Their lovely blossoms, their fragrant smells.

They whisper to me on summer breezes.

These kiddos speak to me. They make me smile and give me sticky kisses.

Chocolate speaks to me. Sometimes with a megaphone. The darker the better.

Clearance sales speak to me.

They make my heart flutter and lure me in with promised treasures.

And this big guy – he speaks to me.

He speaks to my heart and makes me laugh.

(He also speaks at me… like when I can’t avoid the call of cute shoes and come home with nine  pairs, but that is a story for another day).

What speaks to you? Makes you smile? I’d love to know!

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