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Ever wanted a show-stopping centerpiece but just didn’t want to spend a small fortune or know how to make one?

Let me show you how! It is so easy. I spent about $5 on the materials on the day after Thanksgiving sale at our local craft store.

The materials you will need to make this centerpiece. A wreath, poinsettias (I used velvet), fake berries, some sparkly stems and ribbon. And don't forget the hot glue!

First, fluff up the greenery so it looks a bit more natural. If you are using a live wreath, make sure you set it on top of something that will catch sap and needles. I like artificial because there isn't any mess involved. After you've got your wreath all flouncy, start placing on the poinsettias.

Get them situated where you want them then hot glue them on (you can wire them, but glue is so much faster!).


Once you have the poinsettias glued on, start adding in little sprigs of berries. You can keep it sparse or go with my theory that more is better! (I use that theory with chocolate... a lot!)

The next step is to add some sparkle. You can use glittery branches, sparkly stems, whatever tickles your fancy.

Ribbon is the final touch to your centerpiece. You can weave it around the wreath, or just tie a big bow and attach to the front. I would recommend wiring the bow on because it is easier to handle than trying to glue.

Finish with a hurricane and a candle. If you don't have a hurricane, use a footed bowl. If you don't have one of those, just put in a clear glass bowl and filled with ornaments or nestle in some votives.

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