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The other day Most Wonderful Hubby and I were in friendly negotiations about which one of us was going to do a chore neither one of us was particularly interested in tackling.

“You should do it,” he said. “It builds character.”

That is when I laughed at him. I’ve got plenty of character, thank you very much.  He has more than his share, as well, but that is the line he pulls any time and every time there is something he really doesn’t want to do.

As I mentioned that fact to him, it reminded me of a book I loved to read as a young girl called Little Britches by Ralph Moody. In the story, after the son had done something he shouldn’t have and knew better, the father explained to him about character. The father said your character is like a house and you are either building it up or tearing it down. I always liked the visual that created.

With Hubby’s help, I should have a character house of monumental proportion!

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