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Monday night I had to run out to my sewing/craft room (which is not attached to the house, but is across the backyard) to patch Captain Cavedweller’s work uniform. In my haste to get back to whatever I was doing before himself reminded me I promised to patch up his problem, I failed to give the room the usual sweep to make sure Miss Maizy had not sneaked in uninvited.

She has a unique talent of opening doors. It was a challenge all summer once she mastered the ability to open the patio screen door. Then there is the small problem of her sneaking in the back room into my craft room unseen. I will firmly close the door to the back room (which is CC’s domain of weight machines and whatnot) and go into my sewing room and push the door mostly closed. Then the next time I turn around, I’ll be scared half witless, because Miss Maizy will be sitting in the middle of the floor staring at me. She makes no noise, doesn’t announce her presence and I have no idea how she got in.

That is really starting to morph from a small problem to a big problem.

Last night CC ran out to put some chicken on the barbecue and looked over at the back room to see Miss Maizy sitting in the craft room window. Seriously? Apparently she snuck in while I was doing CC’s patching job and I failed to notice her presence before I shut the door.


When I went running out back to rescue her, she took her own sweet time climbing out of the window and wandering her way outside. As if to say “Oh, there you are. I  wondered when you’d come back.”

Good grief!

I think I will start calling her Houdini.


And while she is perfecting her break-in routines, Drooley, the Heinous Cat has been doing his best at pretending he is a soldier guarding the home post.

A stray cat has taken up residence in our neighborhood and attempts to sneak in and steal whatever food Drooley and Maizy leave behind. This covert activity is not settling well with Drooley at all.

Last night he was on perimeter patrols for hours. It was entertaining to watch him march along the fenceline, back and forth.

I told CC he needed to get the cat a little helmet to wear. Maybe a toy gun to carry. We wouldn’t want our little soldier to feel deprived of a full uniform as he defends his post and keeps up the guard work.

She Who Must Tolerate Two Crazy Cats

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This weekend my beloved Captain Cavedweller will turn the big 4-0.

As in middle age.

As in over the hill.

As in not quite as old as me, so I better stop now.

I may have mentioned it once or twice, but I kind of like this guy.

As in love him with every fiber of my being.

As in completely and totally crazy-in-love with him.

As in he makes my heart melt on a daily basis.

Anyone who knows us, knows Captain Cavedweller finds it difficult to be serious… about anything. He loves to tease and laugh and joke. Quite often at my expense. I can come home after a hard, challenging day and he can have me laughing hysterically before I quite know what has happened.

He has a gentle way with little old ladies and kiddos that is to be admired. He has yet to meet a cat, dog or any fur-covered pet that he didn’t like. The feeling is usually mutual.

He lets me be me, loves me unconditionally and surprises me daily with his encouragement and generosity. No matter how off-the-wall it might be, he listens to all my ideas and buoys my dreams while helping me keep my feet on the ground.

Captain Cavedweller is one-of-a-kind and I know I am very, very blessed to have him in my life.

And if the landscape of my life looked a little different, I would love to have half a dozen little boys at home that looked just like this.

Happy 40th Birthday, melter-of-my-heart,  my very own Captain Cavedweller!

She Who Adores You

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