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our engagement

Nineteen years ago today, Captain Cavedweller and I exchanged vows in front of family and friends.

We were young and in love and completely clueless. Now we’re middle-aged and in love and still somewhat clueless.

Through the years we’ve had our ups and downs, our challenges and triumphs, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that we’ve always, always loved each other.

For that I am more grateful than words can express. And if I do try to express them, I’ll get way too sappy and my eyes may even begin to leak.

So instead, I’ll say this – it is such a blessing to have found the one person who can make me laugh and smile every single day, who knows when to leave me alone and when to give me a push forward, who will hold my hand no matter what,  who believes in me and supports me one hundred percent, who loves me without conditions or expectations.

He is my friend, my confidant, head cheerleader, coach, champion, and love.

He is my wonderful Captain Cavedweller.

Happy Anniversary!

She Who Loves You Forever and Always

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