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Our local branch of the Junior Club holds an annual fundraiser by having people donate decorated miniature trees. Most of the trees come with some fun goodies.

For the tree our business donated, I decided to do something a little different.

What I came up with is this snowman.

snowman tree

Using some quilt batting, I wrapped it around the tree, then used white string to tie around for a neck and his belly. Buttons made the eyes and nose and a piece of red rick-rack trim worked great as a mouth.

I found a piece of fuzzy trim at the craft store along with some sparkly fabric snowflakes, that I glued all over his body. The finishing touch was a top hat with a poinsettia glued on for a little jaunty pop. Two little branches I found outside served well as arms.

Total cost  was less than $20 and he is pretty cute. Since it is a tree, the stand i nice to keep him upright.

She Who Likes His Hat

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