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1. I cleaned my car inside and out and found more goldfish under the front seat which proves my theory that the crackers I spilled last year do indeed hide under there and multiply.

2. The fact that I cleaned my car inside and out made it rain. Randomly.

3. The fact that it rained made Captain Cavedweller cancel our picnic plans. Instead we went for a drive.

4. A speedy rodent that looked like a squirrel on steroids minus the tail ran in front of us on the drive. According to my Captain, Oh My Captain, it was a rock chuck.

5. Which makes me think of woodchucks.

6. Which makes me think of a ridiculous rhyme my sister would dare me to say when I was little.  “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.” Yeah. Say that fast five times before you’ve had your morning shot of caffeine.

7. Apparently wild turkeys and deer love blueberries because the field we drove past had an abundance of both.

8. The further you drive up into the mountains the higher the odds that the rain that was a pleasant sprinkle when you started out will turn into a deluge by the time you reach your destination and someone who shall remain nameless and blameless decides to be a party poop and not get out of the car. The cats and dogs  falling from sky was definitely wet blanket on the whole go for a nature walk experience.

9. The same deluge will move out of the mountains and catch up to us heading the opposite direction approximately 23 minutes later, making it impossible to see to drive on the highway which made for an exciting few minutes of driving.

10. I promise not to clean my car ever again if it keeps the rainy, stormy weather away. Be warned, though, it may eventually be taken over by the rogue goldfish.

She Who Now Has a Very Dirty Car

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