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Almost five years ago, my cousin Brad called and discussed doing something special and fun for his Mom. I was all ears.

Brad is one of those super nice, incredibly sweet all-around great guys that you are thrilled just to know. Add in the fact that his Mom, my wonderful Aunt Robbie, has been like a second Mom to me for my entire life, and I couldn’t refuse whatever it was he was going to ask.

My most wonderful auntie has always been extra special to me. I was born the day after Aunt Robbie’s birthday, we share the same middle name, we both love the color pink and have yet to find a mall we didn’t like.

Aunt Robbie was blessed with two boys, but no girls. So Brad proposed a few of us girl cousins do something fun with Aunt Robbie. We plotted and planned and ended up with four of us girls taking Aunt Robbie for an overnight stay in a cute little town with fun shops, great food and a nice hotel. It was bliss!

My three cousins are daughters of my Dad’s two other sisters, both of whom have passed away. Aunt Robbie became Mom to us all on that trip. With each of us she loves, laughs, cries, teases and counsels – and that just makes us love her all the more.

We had such a great time on that first trip, we decided to make it an annual event. We all look forward to the time we can spend with each other, reconnecting, sharing memories, shopping, eating and enjoying the company. Our little group includes my cousins Julie, Nancy and Twylia – all fun, fantastic women in their own unique way.

So this year when we started planning our “shopping conference” we decided we needed to have a name for our group. Considering that we drive all over the countryside to meet and considering our love to shop, talk, eat and repeat the process until we are all exhausted, we came up with the name of the “Gallivanting Goddesses.”

We met just last week and it was fantastic as always. Aunt Robbie is still running circles around us, still able to hand-out great advice and fashion tips and still the sweet Aunt that we adore.

And these girls just know how to have a great time.

I encourage all you girls to have a group that you go gallivanting with at least once a year. Maybe it is family, maybe it is friends, maybe a combination of both – but you need that girl time.  It does your heart and spirit so much good!

So here’s to future gallivanting!

Just One of the Goddesses,



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