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Warm Fuzzies

Word of the Week: Warm Fuzzies

warm fuzzies

n,  adj

The sincerity of their comments  gave her the warm fuzzies.

Last week was my birthday. As a certain person who shall remain nameless (but lives in my house and it isn’t the cat) has stated, I am not quite as old as dirt but completely over the hill. This is not the part that is giving me warm fuzzies.

What did give me warm fuzzies were the number of people who took time out of their busy, crazy, hectic days to make my birthday special. To share a hug or “congratulations,” to send me cards and leave me messages. It meant so, so much to me and I appreciate every single one of them.

If you have the opportunity today to say “well done,” “congratulations,” or “good job” go ahead and say it – and mean it. I guarantee you will make someone’s day!


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