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Anyone who has been to our home knows I like dishes. Well, maybe more than like. Love doesn’t seem like quite the right description either. Compulsive dish collector, obsessive, crazy about are terms I think Hubby has used to describe my passion for serving pieces.

He has no room to talk, though, because he is an enabler of my habit. Just this past weekend we were wandering around a department store when this bowl caught my eye.

And then I saw the rest of the matching bowls and all bets were off. I had to have them. I had to! The balance of my little world hung on bringing these beauties home with me. So Hubby packed them around the store while I fawned over approximately 257 other things that I liked. But none that I loved like these bowls.

These mixing bowls are, fasten your seat belts …. oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. I can mix, bake and reheat in these bowls til the cows come home. They have these great little measures inside.

Check out the big mixing bowl. How handy is that?

Best of all, they are pretty and match my kitchen perfectly. Just like the 362 other dishes taking up space in my cupboards.

When you are purchasing mixing or serving pieces, look for items that give you value and versatility. Are they microwave, dishwasher and oven safe? Are they good quality? Will they stand up to your family using them? Can you picture at least three ways they will enhance your collection?

Here is a link to a collection of top-notch pieces that provide a lot of versatility for the value.

Happy Entertaining!

From the Dish Collector


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