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My Wednesday Shout-Out this week goes to Hubby’s Grandma Nell. She will be 92 years young in a few days.

We had the opportunity to spend some time with her this past weekend. I hope I do as well as she does if I live to be 92. Although she no longer runs circles around us, she still is amazing.

Grandma Nell has many talents. She can crochet and cross-stitch like nobody’s business. We have a beautiful cross-stitched quilt she made us for Christmas one year that I absolutely love. Her flowers and garden are abundant and lovely. If the weather is nice, you can find her outside, weeding, watering and enjoying the sunshine.

She absolutely loves to cook and share recipes. In fact, my favorite chocolate cake recipe was one she shared with me years ago. Her past experiences have included running her own restaurant as well as being the summer cook on a dude ranch in Wyoming. She was still doing that up until just a few years ago.

A great hostess who loves to entertain, you can always count on Grandma Nell to make you feel welcome. And if you leave her house hungry, it is your own fault, not hers. She has been talking about having her own website and publishing a cookbook. I tell you, she is a go-getter.

So Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Grandma! Have a fantastic day!

Love and Hugs,



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