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My Wednesday Shout-out this week goes to Dianne Mooney, founder of Southern Living at Home.

She spoke at the Willow House conference a few weeks ago and shared a phrase that has stuck in my head and my heart:

“Live Generously, Love Wastefully”

Isn’t that fabulous?

How many of us truly live generously or love wastefully? I know I’d like to be one who tries.

Think about it… living generously. That would mean to live unselfishly, to live abundantly in the spirit of giving. Wow!

One of Websters definitions for “wastefully” is grossly extravagant. I also think wasteful means having so much of something¬† that you can afford to use it with abandon. What a thought – to have so much love you could afford to lavish it on others with abandon.

So my hope for you all today is that you will find ways to “live generously, love wastefully” each and every day.


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