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So today’s recipe isn’t really a recipe, and to just lay it on the table, not a lot of nutritional value here either. But it was something I threw together the other day for a fishing-themed meeting. I had fun with it, which means I took photos and now you get to see the kinds of crazy things I think about when I should be sleeping!

Despite my recent issues with Goldfish crackers and the fact that they continue to breed under the front passenger seat of my car, they really did make this whole thing look cute.

The Cast of Characters

Easy to Assemble

Goin’ Fishing

Goldfish crackers (I liked the rainbow variety for this particular purpose)

Foot Long Fruit Rollups

Pretzel Rods

Gummy Worms

Pour crackers into your serving dish. I used ramekins because a serving piece that is deep will work much better than one that is shallow. Cut off about a six inch piece of the Fruit Rollups. Wrap one end a few times around the pretzel rod. It is sticky and not only sticks to itself, but also the pretzel. Stick a gummy worm on the other end of the strip. Again, the sticky thing is a real help with this project.

(Note: if your husband is unable to keep his grubby hands off the gummy worms, you may have to hide them until you are done with the assembly because a second trip to the store to buy more worms is not where it is at!)

Stand the pretzel rod upright in the dish against one side. Let the worm dangle over the fish. Ta-Da! Wasn’t that fun and simple?

These would be great for a kids party or any event with a fishing theme.

Here, fishy...

Happy Entertaining!



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