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My Wednesday Shout-Out is going to a great company that is all heart – Willow House!

(It doesn’t hurt that I am an independent design consultant with them either – but my opinion is as unbiased as I can make it!).

The brand-new company is officially launching today and I wanted to say congratulations to everyone affiliated with Willow House. Not only do they offer a fabulous opportunity for those looking for a way to start their own business, great host programs and top-notch product, what sets this company apart is the people.

The corporate office is filled with talented, creative, innovative thinkers, who, above all else, care.  And for that I truly thank them.

Thank you Bill and Robin for providing innovation through differentiation. Thank you to each and every person at corporate for your encouragement, your support and your dedication to Willow House.

I’m so glad to be at home with Willow House!


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