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Boy, those two things really go together well, don’t they? You should take that as a warning of the randomness of this post.

A few weeks ago, Hubby and I escaped  on vacation and so enjoyed it. You can read about the start to our fun trip here.

One of the places we stopped to visit had a prehistoric area filled with dinosaurs that actually moved and made sounds.

Hubby wasn’t going to let this big guy intimidate him at all.

I wasn’t getting that close to it. Nope, not me. I was too busy getting spit on by the nasty, sneaky little dinosaur that was hiding in the trees behind me. Other than being eaten alive or mauled to shreds, I guess you could say the experience was somewhat realistic. I noticed a few extremely frightened children who couldn’t get out of dino park fast enough.

There were honest to goodness real live animals in here, but don’t ask me what they were called. That information flew out of my head as I brushed dino spit off my shirt. And personally, they look more like dino toothpicks or appetizers than anything else

Once we were done having a great time in dino land, we ventured on down the road and came across a beautiful rose garden. I asked Hubby to take detailed notes because I want my yard to look exactly like that.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the acreage required to create a garden of this size. So I’d be happy to settle for some of the beautiful rose bushes.

And maybe a couple of these. I so want a lamppost adorned by blooming beauties.

I think I may have to find the name of this rose. I loved the deep magenta color. It was, as my young niece likes to say “gorgeous!”

This rose reminded me of a summer sunset. That could possibly be the name for all I know. Someone remind me to take photos of the name plates before I take a photo of the roses next time. Please?

After stomping through dino tracks and sniffing roses to my hearts content, my day was pretty well done.

More adventures later,


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