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You're Invited!

The other day I received an Evite invitation for my cousin’s virtual baby shower. I thought it was such a cute and clever idea. My cousin lives across the country, it is her first baby, and she’ll be home in a few months for her younger sister’s wedding, so her older sister is throwing her a virtual baby shower.

Not that you needed all those details, but the point of all my rambling is that Evites are a fun way to invite people to an event and that is why they receive my Wednesday shout-out.

You can check out their very fun and clever website here.

Once you register, which is free, you have access to hundreds of invitations (which are free) and you can click, create and send an invitation in just a few minutes to a group of friends. You can track your guest responses and, here is the part I get really excited about, it sends a reminder for you just before the party, so you don’t have to remember to call and remind everyone to show up. Did I mention it is free? Yep, free.

Check it out and have fun with it. You can get a variety of great party tips, ideas and more!

Happy Entertaining!


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