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If you are hosting a party that involves seating your guests around the table, think about keeping the centerpiece low. A high-flying centerpiece can make it difficult to see across the table and visit with other guests. When you use a low centerpiece, it won’t block faces and can help keep the conversation flowing.

One of my favorite ways to dress up a long dinner table is with individual bowls of flowers. Use a grouping of three to five or scatter as many as you like down the table. If you alternate these with votive candles, it is a beautiful and simple way to dress your table with style and a hint of elegance. It is also a very affordable way to create some “Wow!” factor for your table.

You can also use individual bowls of flowers scattered throughout a buffet table setting. Nestle little bowls, jars and glasses with individual stems next to serving pieces for an added pop that your guests will appreciate.

Any type of stemmed flower will work. My absolute favorite is roses, but since they are not yet in bloom, I’m currently having a blast with tulips.

Choose a container with some character. It could be anything from a custard cup to canning jars to a tiny bowl. Listen to what speaks to you and have fun with it. If you’ve got a set of matching little serving bowls, parfait cups or even tea cups, they all make interesting containers for your blooms. Use clear glass votive holders to finish the look. If you really want to get fancy-schmancy, put down a piece of shimmery fabric and loosely drape it in the middle of your table. Then place the flowers and votives on top. It will look amazing and beautiful.

Be creative, have fun with your centerpieces and remember that you are the artist and the table is your blank canvas!

Happy Entertaining!



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Thank you to everyone who entered my Anniversary Giveaway drawing. You’ve made my first year of blogging a lot of fun!
With the help of Random.org, a winner has been selected.
Congratulations Colleen! I’ll be getting you the $20 Starbucks Card to you very soon!
Thanks again, so much!

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